Company Overview

Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway

Welcome to VinniVooms.  Our company is dedicated to the two things: (1) the bonds that tie families together and (2) preserving healthy oceans for generations to come.  These two currents are intertwined in our world and go hand in hand towards creating a positive environment for all of us.

VinniVooms’ focus is singular.  We make exceptional eco-friendly board shorts for fathers and sons.  That’s it.  Sure we may offer up a t-shirt here and there when we find fabrics worthy of the effort, but our board shorts are at the core.  They are who we are and what we aspire to be: environmentally conscious with minimal impact.

Our offices are located just off the beach in Malibu, California.  We set up shop here because the shoreline is just a stones throw away and SoCal is the epicenter of surf culture.  Not to mention the sunshine.

You can find our board shorts online at and in select retailers.