Our Reason for Being

Somewhere in the Andaman Sea

Boys want to be “just like” dad and vice versa–when we wear our matching board shorts, we are. They give sons the chance to be big guys and fathers the chance to be young again. They let everyone around you know that the two of you are connected, that you love each other and the world in which we live, and what could better than that?

Well, how about you use recycled plastic bottles that are polluting our oceans to make our board shorts and give a significant portion of our profits back to help save our oceans? Now were talking.

We believe in social responsibility and that the world will be a better place when profits go towards the benefit of many instead of just a few. After all the true value of life is measured by what you give. For us, we give at least half of our net profit to organizations working towards the health and well being of our oceans. The other half goes back into the business to make more money so we can give more away. It seems crazy to some but perfectly sane to us. It’s our reason for being.

You will find VinniVooms on oceans and beaches worldwide. From Malibu to the Maldives, Cape Town to Corsica. We are from the ocean, to the ocean and everywhere in between. Grab a pair and jump in….