The Board Shorts

Vince on the North Island, NZ

We call them everyday wear around here. No reason to own anything else. OK, maybe you need a t-shirt or two and a pair of “dress” flips but that’s about it. This is your life on holiday. Live it poolside and ocean front, both at the same time if possible.

VinniVooms are cut to hang just about knee height. They are, what we call, “essentials”, stripped down to the three things you need in a pair of shorts: (1) a single side zip pocket big enough for a credit card, cell phone and a few bills (2) a single button fly (no explanation necessary) and (3) a drawstring to hold them up. That’s it. When you wash them, hang them dry. Wear them often, break them in, treat them well and they will become fast friends.

VinniVooms should be lived in: the first thing you pull on in the morning and the last you slip off before bed. If 9-5 gets in the way we recommend that you wear them under your work clothes or throw them in the back seat. You never know when the next set is going to roll in or the winds are going to pick up.

They are made from recycled polyester microfiber, big words for old plastic bottles that would otherwise take a hundred plus years to decompose. Everything we use is made from recycled materials: the zippers, the pocket and the drawstring. Whenever possible you should pass them down from one generation to the next, however, if you decide to trade them in, just send them back to us and we will make sure they go back into the recycling loop and emerge as a brand new pair.