Giving Back – Do We Really Mean 50%?

China Beach, Vietnam

Here’s a crazy idea: you know the concept of giving back 10% of what you earn to charity? How about we flip it around and instead of keeping 90% and giving away 10% we do the opposite! We give away 90% and keep 10%. Radical, but doable if you build the company with this goal in mind –it’s even got a name– social business.  Defined by Wikipedia, it is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective, in the case of VinniVooms it is the health of our oceans. The profits are used to expand the company’s reach and improve the product.

As a start up we know we must walk before we run. So instead of 90/10 we are committing out of the gate to gifting 50% of our net profit to organizations aligned with our common interest in ocean preservation. The impact of VinniVooms on the environment, rather than the amount of profit we make in a given period measures the success of our social business.  We aspire to reach 90/10 in the future.

The organizations listed in the sidebars of our website are folks doing excellent work on behalf of our oceans and the planet. These are the organizations that we respect and some of them are ones that we are working with to put our resources to best use.

When you buy a pair of VinniVooms know that a large part of the money you spend is going to organizations dedicated to keeping our oceans and beaches healthy, safe and clean for current and future generations. Thanks for your support.